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When I first started shooting, I was shooting with black and white film. The managing editor at the paper I worked for handed me a camera and said, “ remember to get pictures with your stories.” That is how I started shooting.


Videography is something I learned at work. As a reporter, I shot my own photos and as video became more useful for the web, I began to shoot video too. I have more than 15 years experience shooting and editing video.

Web Development

The Worst Jobs in 2016 list from Forbes magazine has Newspaper Reporter as the #1 worst job. Being a newspaper reporter in the late 90’s wasn’t glamorous either and it didn’t pay much. I had to learn a new skill to stay afloat.

Some Personal Favorites (See more @

These videos are some of my personal favorite videos I created in the past two years. The most current video is the lead video that asks what Cura Personalis means when getting an education at Gonzaga. The production of this video was created in a group setting during a practicum course at Gonzaga University.

The second video I produced for a video production course I took at Western University. The third video was created for the Western Oregon University Football team. There was a time in 2017 when I volunteered as a photographer and videographer for their team. The fourth video is of my son Emiliano’s first day of school and the fifth is a from a Stars and Stripes project.

What makes my Gonzaga Education Special?

What makes my Gonzaga Education special Oregon rain was pouring down and I still had about five hours to go before I got to Spokane, Washington. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was looking forward to spending time at Gonzaga University and experiencing a slice of...
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Medal of Honor Ceremony for Ty Carter

Remarks by the President in Presentation of the Medal of Honor to Staff Sgt. Ty M. Carter - The White House Staff Sgt. Ty Carter receives Medal of Honor at White House - U.S....
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Inauguration Parade 2013

President Obama's second Inauguration wasn't as packed as the first but I had a better spot to get photos. This time around, I also had better camera equipment. I remember being excited because I had a good spot and during the previous inauguration, he and Michelle...
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Obama presents Commander-in-Chief trophy to 2008 Naval Academy Football Team

This was my first time at The White House. My assignment was to shoot video of the event. I did, but I always carried my camera around, a 2nd generation Canon Rebel. My first Canon. My photos came out a little too much on the yellow side but I didn’t shoot raw, so I...
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President Barack Obama presents 24 Army veterans with the Medal of Honor

President Barack Obama presented 24 Army veterans with the Medal of Honor on March 18, 2014; it was one of the largest Medal of Honor ceremonies in history. Read more about the ceremony on the Army's website. C-SPAN...
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Chilean F-15 Refueling Mission

I don't recall the specifics but this assignment was part of a three-week tour through a couple of South American countries' military bases. This practice refueling mission took place in Chile and the KC-135 I rode in took off from the Santiago Airport, April 2, 2008....
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