I spent the last 10 years of my career working as a web editor for Stars and Stripes. I was part of the web team and our responsibilities included updating the website with local stories to the Washington D.C. area and military stations across the world, as well as with stories from the Associated Press and other media outlets.

Our daily routine was to browse AP, McClatchy and other news sources for the latest stories to post in its corresponding category on the website using a customized content management system. We also developed and posted photo galleries, video and other types of multimedia projects.

Then there were the days when we covered events. This happened a lot and it was the most fun part of the job. I truly enjoyed being out covering stories as a videographer but covering as a photographer was my favorite.

I photographed or shot video at presidential events such as Medal of Honor ceremonies at the White House, Armed Services Committee hearings on Capitol Hill, and local military events that included the annual Army Ten-Miler and The Marine Marathon. A favorite of mine was covering the annual Army-Navy game.

Before Stripes, I was Director of Public and Media Relations at Sul Ross State University Rio Grande College in Eagle Pass, Texas.

As a director, I developed and implemented communication plans, served as the main university representative for the media, drafted and edited most of the external communications including, brochures, web pages, posters, and newspaper articles. It was a different time, a time when social media was not part of the marketing arsenal. It didn’t exist.

Prior to these two positions, I was a reporter, copy editor and page designer at other publications. My early work experience thought me how to develop publications and later experience thought me how to put it all online.

The best part of working in this industry for more than 20 years was seeing it evolve. When I started, we were pasting publications onto grid sheets and driving it to the printers for it to be photocopied. We didn’t email anything because that option wasn’t available. PDFs changed all that.

I moved back to Oregon in 2016 from the Washington DC area when my wife took a job in Woodburn, Or. It worked out perfect because it also brought us closer to family, which we had none in the East coast, and it brought me to where my career started.

I took my first college course at Chemeketa Community College in Salem and then transferred to the University of Oregon graduating 1996 with a BA in English.

My skills include web development, photography, videography, networking, computer repair and just about anything multimedia.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction. I will keep rewriting this until forever.

Rick Vasquez